Dear 45,

I bet you didn’t know that when you declared war on the media that it would bite you in the butt, did ya?

I bet you didn’t expect that when you declared the most credible news outlets as “Fake News” that the result would be overwhelming support for those outlets and their First Amendment rights, did ya?

I bet you never fathomed that subscriptions for print news would grow by 300%, did ya?

I bet you couldn’t even imagine that left leaning and centric cable news stations would see a tremendous growth in viewership. With the increase subscriptions came increased profits. Did ya see that one coming?

Did ya know that with the increased interest in online news would come an increase in the number of journalists needed to keep up with the circus that you created? I guess you can take credit for creating these new jobs.

Did ya know that with more journalists media now has the resources to dig deeper and deeper into the world of Putingate? Journalism and investigative reporting in its truest rudimentary form is actually taking place and uncovering your deception and lies by the minute. I bet you never dreamed this would happen, did ya?

Sure, there is still a base of believers out there that are sticking to you like those poor souls who foolishly followed Jim Jones. With each lie that unfolds, that group is finally beginning to realize that the snake oil salesman has done a con job on them. Just think, none of this would have happened if you hadn’t declared war.

Sit back and reap what you have sown.