Today, I struggled with the punctuation for the title of my topic.  Take a look at it.  I wondered if I needed a comma, a colon or no punctuation at all.  Each one would give my thoughts a different meaning. As I thought about what was on my heart to say, I realized that the use of the colon most reflected the direction in which I was thinking.

You see, I am that writer that just flows. I don’t plan what I am going to say.  I just let it grow organically. Sure, I have a few key expressions that I want to include. But for the most part, I just roll with the punches.

For the past few days, I have felt compelled to write about what I consider as keys to listening. In my heart, I feel like if we all learned to really HEAR one another, compassion, healing and groundbreaking work could begin.

So that is why today, I felt the need to talk about “being still.”

I remember as a young child, whenever there was a threatening storm coming, my mother would make us all go sit in the closet. She would sit outside the door and would say to us, “Hush. Be still.”

She would turn off the television. Unplug the phone. She would sit quietly listening only to the elements outside until the storm had passed over. My mother was better than any weather man when it came to judging the magnitude and the impending danger of a storm. It was because in her stillness, she was able to hear.

Stillness takes practice. Stillness takes discipline. Stillness takes patience.

We are a people of “doers.” We want to fix it and we want to fix it with a quickness. In doing so, we don’t always get all the facts and we make mistakes.

Did you know that the Bible contains 35 references to being still and/or listening and waiting? I find that amazing – the relevance for today’s times. People were just as hard headed then as they are now. And even today, we still need to be reminded.

Peace and quiet is needed today. We are in the midst of a storm. We must prepare for the impending aftermath.

As for me, I plan to do as my mother would instruct me: “get somewhere and be still.”

Peace, be still.