Yes, I said it. I put it out there. I want the television reporters, pundits, bloggers and everybody else that wants to chime in about Baltimore (and Don Lemon) to just take a moment and be quiet.

I am tired of the noise. Your opinions are just that – opinions. You are not subject matter experts on the plight of Black Americans. You are not qualified to speak on my behalf. I don’t care if you have taught a gazillion courses on African American Studies or published a gazillion plus one books. I want you to take a step back and for five minutes, just listen.

Just listen to the cries of the people as they march. I want you to hear the anguish. I want you to hear the despair. I want you to hear the urgency.

I also want you to hear the songs. Listen to the words of hope. Listen to the longing for better days. Just listen.

Stop telling me about what you would and would not do as a mother. You don’t pray for your sons every time they step outside the perimeter of your home. You don’t pray that your sons live to see the age of 21. You do not share my burden.  You don’t have a clue.

The old adage “if you don’t have something good to say….” is true in this case.

Shut up! Just listen.